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Bloomfield Office
34 Jerome Ave Suite 108
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Phone: (860) 882-1442
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Kent Mawhinney and David Markowitz provide sophisticated, full service representation to clients on a variety of residential real estate transactions. They represent purchasers, sellers, developers, landlords and tenants in all aspects of property ownership and disposition, and provide the following services:

For clients interested in selling houses and condominiums:

  • negotiation and execution of listing agreement
  • assistance and counsel during the offer and acceptance process
  • preparation of all sale documents
  • coordination and attendance at closing

For clients interested in purchasing houses and condominiums:

  • negotiation of the contract
  • review of the title search
  • review and counsel in all environmental issues, including lead paint, oil tanks, wetlands and asbestos
  • assistance with mortgage financing
  • coordination and attendance at closing

For clients interested in refinancing their houses and condominiums:

  • review of the title search
  • assistance with mortgage financing
  • coordination and attendance at closing

Kent and David assist both tenants and landlords in a wide range of residential leasing matters, including:

  • review of leases
  • negotiation of leases
  • representation in lease disputes, violations and enforcement of rights

They are both well versed in all title issues relating to residential real estate. They are available to help with the following:

  • negotiation, creation and elimination of easements, restrictions, rights of first refusal, life estates and options
  • subdivision review
  • boundary disputes
  • title claims and losses
  • clearance of title defects
Lawyer(s) Available
David J. Markowitz, Kent D. Mawhinney

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