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Bloomfield, CT 06002
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Markowitz & Mawhinney represents clients in cities and towns throughout the State in matters of land use and zoning. Whether it is the homeowner, business entrepreneur, or developer, our law firm provides professional assistance in navigating the bureaucratic and legal complexities. David Markowitz represents clients in a wide range of matters including: subdivisions, site plans, variances, special permits, wetland permits, enforcement issues, and regulation interpretation.

  • Reviews and analyzes the zoning regulations of the particular location
  • Works with town staff to identify issues, find solutions and build support
  • Coordinates client's team of consultants, i.e., engineers, scientists, traffic engineers, and architects
  • Prepares and files all applications with the appropriate agency, including planning and zoning commissions, zoning boards of appeal and Wetlands Commissions
  • Presents application at public hearings and before each commission


  • Prepares zoning and land use appeals to the State Superior and Appellate Courts
  • Researches and writes briefs, motions and pleadings
  • Presents argument in court and prepares witnesses for testimony
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David J. Markowitz

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