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Bloomfield Office
34 Jerome Ave Suite 108
Bloomfield, CT 06002
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The Firm is often called upon to defend the rights of both employers and employees. Our firm represents clients on matters of discrimination, employment contracts, severance agreements, drafting personnel manuals, wage and hours disputes, unjust or constructive terminations, breach of contract, family and medical leave, and disability issues.

  • Identifies allegations of discrimination such as: race, gender, age, religion, disability, housing
  • Works with clients to establish facts, identify witnesses, conduct investigations, establish a credible record and to prosecute or defend claims
  • Represents clients in State and Federal Courts, before the CHRO, at grievance or fact finding hearings and at Arbitration proceedings


  • Identifies pertinent legal grounds to address discharges, on behalf of employers.
  • Will assist Employees in negotiating severance agreements
  • Negotiates possible resolutions
  • Represents business clients in court or before Administrative bodies


  • Works with business to draft or update personnel manuals
  • Represents employers and employees in connection with alleged breaches of personnel rules or enforcement thereof
  • Interprets the relevancy of federal and state laws in personnel matters such as family and medical leave, workers' compensation
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David J. Markowitz, Kent D. Mawhinney

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