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Entity Formation

Many of the Firm's business clients are interested in the formation and management of business entities. David Markowitz performs an analysis of the client's profile to determine the proper entity to be formed. Corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and trusts are the most common entities considered. Issues involving capital, debt, management, succession, dissolution and transfer of interest are among the many factors also considered when forming a new entity.

David carefully counsels clients on observing the appropriate entity formalities in order to protect the client's interests. Adhering to these legal formalities prevents a creditor from piercing the corporate veil and seeking debt satisfaction from one or more of the principals.

In addition to the formation of entities, he has extensive experience in all aspects of these transactions and serves the client's needs as required.

Purchase and Sale of Businesses

David Markowitz has extensive experience in transactions involving the purchase and sale of businesses including mergers and acquisitions. When working on a matter he thoroughly examines the details of the transaction to be certain that the client is afforded the highest degree of protection and confidentiality through negotiations to the closing of the transaction.

Structuring the transaction is an important and, sometimes, complex task. Attorney Markowitz will, if necessary, consult with the client's accountant and other professional advisors to create a purchase or sale that is both tax advantaged and legally advantageous to the client. Fees charged are commensurate with the complexity and novelty of the transaction.

Financing Matters

Hand in hand with business transactions are financing transactions with lenders, factors, venture capitalists and other financing sources. David is quite familiar with these matters. He has represented lenders, investors and borrowers for many years and has in-depth experience in handling all aspects of financial transactions. While Markowitz and Mawhinney intentionally does not handle IPO's or securities transactions, the firm will "partner" with outside securities law firms to insure these matters are successfully concluded.

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